World Kindness Day: What if I Create a Culture of Kindness in the Workplace?

Do you ever wish people were more kind, or that your workplace was a little kinder? Many of us do, including a coalition of nations that founded the World Kindness Movement (WKM) in 1997. WKM is all about making “our world a little kinder, one day at a time.”  Many countries observe this day, including Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, and United Arab Emirates.

So how can you create a culture of kindness in your workplace? Acknowledging World Kindness Week (November 10 – 16) and World Kindness Day (Today, November 13) is a great place to start! We found several great ideas to help you keep the kindness going.

1. Beautify Your Community

Take a moment to consider your community on World Kindness Day. Be kind to your community by organizing a day to pick up trash. Do your part to keep our neighborhoods, schools, parks, and playgrounds clean and safe. Get your company actively involved in beautifying the community in which it operates. No need to make a big deal out of it; focus on making the community a better place just because it’s the right thing to do.

2. Help Others

Visit the elderly in nursing homes or hospitals. Find out if there are disabled or elderly people in your community who live alone, and reach out to them. Rake yards for those who can’t. Offer to tutor a student or read to a child. Spread kindness to those who share your community. Your company can “adopt” a grandparent or youth in your local area and commit to spending time with that person. Every drop of kindness you offer another helps make our world a better place.

3. Shelter the Homeless

Many local Michigan communities have seen homelessness grow over the last several years. This is devastating to our community, but there are steps your company can take to help the homeless in your area. Identify those in your workplace who enjoy crafts, such as knitting, sewing, or quilting. Make blankets for the homeless, or gloves and hats. Donate them to the homeless in your area. Other ideas include care packs, sleeping bags, and sweaters.

4. Be Kind to Coworkers

You interact with your coworkers on a regular basis, so why not offer kindness to them? Kindness is simple; it doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. Think about your words and actions, and infuse kindness into your daily routine. Here are some tips for being kind to coworkers:

  • Hold open a door
  • Clean up after yourself (or others)
  • Share fresh produce with your coworkers
  • Praise others for a job well done
  • Encourage someone who needs it
  • Thank your boss
  • Help a coworker move
  • Complain less
  • Share inspirational quotes

There are so many little things we can do to spread kindness. World Kindness Day is a wonderful, uplifting reminder that we can make a difference in our community and workplace.

Let’s Talk

How do you offer kindness to those around you? We’d love to hear your ideas! Just comment on our blog post, and share your insights and initiatives with the rest of us.

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Crystal Haefner, Kemner-Iott of Cass CountyCrystal Haefner of Dowagiac is a Customer Service Representative at Kemner Iott Benz. Crystal leads the office as the United Way campaign coordinator and in the offices’ Wellness initiatives. Crystal likes to spend her spare time gardening.


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