Where are Your Important Documents & Records?

What if you needed to find an important document, such as your cell phone contract, will, or child’s birth certificate without warning? Could you find it quickly, or would you have to search? What if you had an accident and a friend or family member had to find your important medical records for you? Would they be able to find them easily, or would they have to dig through your desk or kitchen drawers?

In Time of Crisis

Many of us do not even think about our important documents and records, but in a time of crisis knowing right where they are could save you or your family a lot of time. We don’t like to think of bad things happening, but what if you lost your spouse unexpectedly or your child had a medical emergency? Knowing where your marriage certificate or child’s immunization record is located will cut down on your stress should you need to find them quickly.

Peace of Mind

One of the best things you can do right now for you and your family’s peace of mind would be to make a detailed list of where all of your important documents are located. Be very specific about where your documents and records are so that someone else could find them should the need arise, and make sure all of your trusted friends and family members know where your list is located.

Your Documents List

When making your important documents and records list, be sure to include the following items:

  • Passport/Citizenship Records
  • Birth Certificates
  • Baptismal or other Religious Records
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce or Separation Papers
  • Adoption Records
  • Custody/Parenting Agreements
  • Your Will
  • Your Living Will
  • Organ Donation Card
  • Power of Attorney
  • Banking, Credit Card, and Other Financial Statements, Bills, Checks, Receipts
  • Health Insurance Information and Cards
  • Health Records
  • Government Pension and Benefits
  • Private/Corporate Pensions, Benefits, and Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance, Death, or Survivor Benefits
  • Key Locations, Combinations, and Locations of all Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Personal Phone and Address Book/Contacts List
  • Tax Accounts, Tax Returns and Records
  • Investment Statements
  • Property Deeds, Titles, Surveys, Building Plans
  • Mortgage, Rental, Lease, Condominium, Cooperative Housing, or Time-Share Agreements
  • Loan Agreements, Records of Current and Discharged Obligations
  • Home and Other Property Insurance
  • Employment Records
  • Self-Employment and Business Records
  • Military Service Records, Discharge, Veteran’s Pension
  • Other Government Records
  • Driver’s License, Vehicle Titles, Vehicle Insurance Policies
  • Gun Permits
  • Instruction/Maintenance Manuals
  • Account Numbers, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), and Passwords
  • Family Records and Photographs
  • Appraisals of Valuables, Any List Promising Particular Bequests
  • Any Other Important Documents and Records

Keeping photo copies of all the listed documentation in a folder with your list is also a great idea, while the best place to store the originals is in a safe deposit box or with your lawyer.  If for some reason you do not have the originals, include as much detailed information as you can in this list.

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