“What If” Wednesday: Springing Forward

Kemner Iott Agency Ann Arbor Michigan InsuranceWhat if… You set your alarm 10 minutes earlier each day?

Adding 10 minutes to your day, could add over one and a half workweeks to your year, to do with as you wish!  If you push it to 20 minutes, you could add more time to your year than most people get each year for vacation.

So, when you “spring forward” this Sunday, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and enjoy even more daylight!

Let’s Talk

Kemner-Iott is your Independent Insurance Agency, with three locations to serve you better!  Our friendly insurance agents are always happy to answer your questions, or speak to you regarding your insurance policy.  Give us a call at one of our local branches:

Adrian:  517.265.7000
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Cassopolis:  269.445.2425


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