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“What If” Wednesday: Are You a Seasonal Homeowner or a Snowbird?

snow bird homeowners insuranceFor most of us, Labor Day means the end of summer. Whether you are a seasonal homeowner or a snowbird, now is the time to winterize your home. So before you head South or stay in your Michigan home, plan accordingly to avoid damage and expensive repairs in the spring.

To assist you in this process, here is a helpful checklist:

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“What If” Wednesday: Is Your Homeowners Insurance Still Adequate?

Homeowners InsuranceWhat If it’s been a few (or more than a few) years since you first purchased your home and the homeowners insurance to protect it?

Now is the time to make sure your coverage is still adequate in light of decreasing home values and rising replacement costs for housing.

Often, homeowners are not aware that the amount of insurance coverage they need is actually greater than the initial amount of their mortgage—or their current property value. The insurance you buy for your home should be directly related to the cost of rebuilding it. This relationship, called insurance to value, or ITV, is especially important now since home values in general have decreased, while the cost of replacing, rebuilding, or demolishing existing properties have risen.

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“What If” Wednesday: Does a Home Addition affect my Policy?

What if… I add an addition onto my home; do I need to contact my agent regarding my home insurance?

Most likely, the addition you’ve added to your home has increased the value of your home and your home insurance should be re-evaluated.  It is also important to contact your agent with any updates you’ve done to your home (ex. new roof, updated plumbing, new furnace and/or air conditioning, updated wiring).  These updates and upgrades could result in additional discounts and could make a difference in the total amount of insurance you carry on the dwelling portion of your homeowners insurance.

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“What If” Wednesday: Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover Sewage Damage?

Does my home insurance policy cover sewage damage?What if… I come home to find standing sewage in my basement?  Is this covered under my home insurance  policy?

Damage to your home and furnishings caused when sewage backs up into the home is not covered by standard homeowners insurance.  You may purchase insurance protection separately, or as an additional endorsement to an existing home insurance policy subject to certain conditions, limitations, or exclusions.

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“What If” Wednesday: It Might Be an Ice Dam!

Home Insurance MichiganWhat if…after a heavy snow, I start noticing some water damage on the ceiling in the living room?

It might be an Ice Dam!   An Ice Dam is a cycle of melting and refreezing snow that accumulates on your roof, caused by the outside temperature and the temperature of the air in your attic.  As the “dam” continues to rise in height, the melting snow behind it can leak under your shingles causing water damage to your ceiling.

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