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“What If” Wednesday: Michigan Auto Insurance for Classic Cars

classic yellow carWhat if…I want to insure my 1980’s vehicle as a classic car?

It used to be that if a vehicle was 25 years old, it was a collectible. Unfortunately, this is not true today. Don’t worry, we have provided some tips on how to get your classic car set with Michigan auto insurance.

Collectible Automobile Requirements

If you have a vehicle from the ’80’s that you want to insure as a collectible, the vehicle needs to meet one of these requirements:

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Michigan Auto Insurance: The Highest in the Nation. Why?

Maybe you’ve heard the news about Michigan Auto Insurance rates being the highest across the USA.  In fact, when auto insurance costs are viewed as a percentage of annual income, Michigan drivers spend 8% on car insurance!

Compared to other states, Michigan auto insurance rates are sky high.  The state that comes in #2 is Louisiana with a 5.5% rate as a percentage of income.

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Insurance for Your College Student

Kids, College and Insurance

Sending your child off to college can be one of the most stressful, yet rewarding times in a parent’s life.  More than likely, your child’s checklist for college will not include “Check on Insurance.” You may need to adjust your insurance policies to ensure your child is covered when he or she goes to school.

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