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Michigan Auto Insurance: The Highest in the Nation. Why?

Maybe you’ve heard the news about Michigan Auto Insurance rates being the highest across the USA.  In fact, when auto insurance costs are viewed as a percentage of annual income, Michigan drivers spend 8% on car insurance!

Compared to other states, Michigan auto insurance rates are sky high.  The state that comes in #2 is Louisiana with a 5.5% rate as a percentage of income.

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When An Employee Sues You

This stuff really happens!

Two businesses we insure are thanking us for helping them understand why they should add Employment Practices Liability to their insurance policies, as they are being sued by either an employee or a former employee.

In both cases, the owners don’t feel they did anything wrong.  However, they have to defend themselves and legal defense is costly.

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The Latest Insurance Industry Changes that Affect You

Let’s talk… Changes in the insurance industry that can impact the price you pay.  If you have questions or concerns after reviewing this information, please contact us online, by telephone, or email (see contact info below).  Your Michigan Insurance Agent at Kemner Iott Benz wants to help!

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The Benefits of Home Insurance

There are a number of benefits of a solid home insurance policy, not the least of which is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a person’s most important investment is protected.  Depending on the type of mortgage that an individual has, it may even be required by their bank to have one of the different types of home insurance policies in Michigan.

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Ensure Your Summertime Fun

One Huge Fireball…

“The oil to fry the turkey was too hot and too full.  Once the turkey went in, the oil bubbled over, caught the paper tablecloth on fire, and lit the grass on fire.  The grass fire then ignited a pile of fireworks, which were supposed to be on the porch.  This in turn led to one huge fireball, screaming crying children who will probably never recover from the panic that was set throughout, which then led to the roof catching on fire.”

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