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In Case of Emergency! Three Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Severe Weather

Packing List For Vacation Or TripAs we mentioned in our previous post Protecting Yourself and Your Business from Spring Storms, in addition to protecting your personal and business assets, it is even more important to protect yourself and other people in the event of a severe storm or other dangerous weather event.

Three key actions you can take now to be prepared for severe weather at home and at work include keeping a Go Bag handy, having adequate survival supplies available at your home and place of business, and creating a communication plan for your family and employees.

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Floods and Earthquakes – Do You Have Coverage?

Many people assume they have coverage on their homeowners policy for floods and earthquakes.  However, homeowners, condo, and renters insurance policies do not provide coverage for damage caused by flooding and may not provide earthquake coverage.

Flood Insurance – Don’t find yourself floating down the river!

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What if Wednesday: Frozen Pipes and Homeowner’s Insurance

home insuranceIt’s been a long, cold winter this year, and with the frigid temperatures has come a significant increase in the risk of frozen pipes. Now that spring is upon us, most people assume the risk has passed completely, but that is unfortunately not the case.

Although we are thankfully beginning to experience warmer daytime temperatures, spring is still unpredictable when it comes to overnight temps and daytime fluctuations.

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What if Wednesday: Why it Helps to Plan Ahead with Business Insurance Part 2

business insurance What if you’ve decided to start your own business but you don’t know exactly where to begin when it comes to insurance? Kemner-Iott Agency is here to put you on the path to finding the right coverage for your new business venture.

Types of Business Insurance

The U.S. Small Business Administration has compiled a list of different types of insurance policies that are available to you as a small business owner. Although insurance may not be required by law where you are starting your business, it would be wise to purchase coverage to protect your assets from financial loss in the event of a natural disaster or lawsuit. Here is a summary of the kinds of business insurance policies to consider for your small business:

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What if Wednesday: Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Christmas! Part Two

Adrian, Michigan InsuranceLast week we discussed how to protect special Christmas gifts such as jewelry, furs, and antiques, but what if you’re still not sure if a gift you’ve purchased or received is properly covered under your current insurance policy? Our happy insurance elves at Kemner-Iott Agency will also help you keep all these other special items out of the hands of the Grinch this holiday season!

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“What If” Wednesday: What if I’m too Stressed at Work?

too stressedWhat if…. I have a job that I love, but I’m constantly stressed out? Is there a solution?

Feeling overloaded and stressed at your workplace? You’re not alone. Stress affects most of us, because stress is how our minds and bodies react to change. When our lives change in important ways, such as job loss or divorce, our bodies become stressed. Even good things can cause stress, like the birth of a baby or beginning a new job.

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What If…I want to go hunting for the first time, what steps do I need to take?

Before going out on your very first hunting trip, here are some things to consider:


If you were born after January 1, 1960, you are required to take a hunter safety class. Hunter educations teaches you safe hunting techniques, firearm handling, and hunter ethics. In Michigan, there are 3 types of classes offered: Traditional Classroom, Home Study, and Online Hunter Safety Courses.  When taking the Home Study or Online Course, you will also have to register for a skills/field day portion of the regular class before starting either of these classes.

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