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In Case of Emergency! Three Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for Severe Weather

Packing List For Vacation Or TripAs we mentioned in our previous post Protecting Yourself and Your Business from Spring Storms, in addition to protecting your personal and business assets, it is even more important to protect yourself and other people in the event of a severe storm or other dangerous weather event.

Three key actions you can take now to be prepared for severe weather at home and at work include keeping a Go Bag handy, having adequate survival supplies available at your home and place of business, and creating a communication plan for your family and employees.

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Floods and Earthquakes – Do You Have Coverage?

Many people assume they have coverage on their homeowners policy for floods and earthquakes.  However, homeowners, condo, and renters insurance policies do not provide coverage for damage caused by flooding and may not provide earthquake coverage.

Flood Insurance – Don’t find yourself floating down the river!

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What if Wednesday: Frozen Pipes and Homeowner’s Insurance

home insuranceIt’s been a long, cold winter this year, and with the frigid temperatures has come a significant increase in the risk of frozen pipes. Now that spring is upon us, most people assume the risk has passed completely, but that is unfortunately not the case.

Although we are thankfully beginning to experience warmer daytime temperatures, spring is still unpredictable when it comes to overnight temps and daytime fluctuations.

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Count Down to College: Does Your Insurance Still Add Up?

Insurance concerns for college studentsGetting ready for college is an exciting and stressful time in life for students and their parents. Undoubtedly you have several checklists to make sure nothing is forgotten.  A conversation with your insurance agent should be on the list of tasks to make sure the college student, their family and the family’s assets are adequately protected in the event of serious injury or a liability claim.

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