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What if Wednesday: Treasured Thanksgiving Traditions

Holiday Safety Tips by Kemner-Iott | Cassopolis InsuranceWhat if…this is my first year to host Thanksgiving dinner? What are some of the traditions I might want to incorporate into my celebration?

Most of us enjoy the annual tradition of Thanksgiving with families and friends, but participating as a guest is quite different than hosting such an event. If you haven’t hosted a large gathering before, you may wonder if you’re up to the task.

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What if Wednesday: Remember Safety this Thanksgiving

holiday safety | Insurance | Kemner-IottWhat if… I’m excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but want to keep my family safe during the celebration?

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion, but can also be fraught with unpleasant accidents. Turkeys and decorations that catch fire, falls on icy porch steps, and illness from improperly cooked food can be, unfortunately, a few of the hazards of an improperly planned holiday.  Staying safe this Thanksgiving won’t take a huge amount of work – just follow these simple steps to keep your holiday celebration on track and free of accidents or illness.

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Tips for Hazard-Free Holiday Decorating!

The holidays are a time to create wonderful, fun-filled memories.  Many of us spend time cooking, decorating our homes, giving gifts, and entertaining.  It’s also extra important to be vigilant, and take care to avoid fires and accidents this holiday season.

Holiday Decorating

Cheery lights, an evergreen tree, and a cozy fire in the fireplace are holiday essentials to many of us.  Let’s keep safety in mind as we decorate this season.

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