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What if Wednesday: Why it Helps to Plan Ahead with Business Insurance Part 2

business insurance What if you’ve decided to start your own business but you don’t know exactly where to begin when it comes to insurance? Kemner-Iott Agency is here to put you on the path to finding the right coverage for your new business venture.

Types of Business Insurance

The U.S. Small Business Administration has compiled a list of different types of insurance policies that are available to you as a small business owner. Although insurance may not be required by law where you are starting your business, it would be wise to purchase coverage to protect your assets from financial loss in the event of a natural disaster or lawsuit. Here is a summary of the kinds of business insurance policies to consider for your small business:

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“What If” Wednesday: Why Do I Need Business Insurance?

business insuranceIt’s wise to invest in business insurance for the same reason that you invest in car insurance or medical insurance: because anything can happen to anyone.

Think about this: If you walked into your office tomorrow and discovered all computers had been stolen, what would you do? When would you be able to resume work? How would that down time affect your business?

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“What If” Wednesday: Smart Social Media Etiquette

social network business insuranceWhat if…I am perusing my favorite social media site and want to comment on a hot news item? Is there anything I should keep in mind before responding?

In the current days of social media, we need to be careful on how we respond to the latest news, gossip, etc. With everything on the internet being at our fingertips, everything can be commented and judged. Keep in mind that once it is out there, the whole world can see it.

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“What If” Wednesday: Is My Work Laptop Covered by Business Insurance?

Is my work laptop covered by my business insurance?What if…the laptop or tablet computer that I use for my business is stolen?   Will my business insurance policy cover the loss?

A typical commercial insurance policy does not provide coverage for the physical loss or damage to a laptop.   It will also not cover your legal “data breach” requirements if your device was storing customer, vendor and employee information.   You will need to purchase an inland marine policy (or an electronic data processing policy) to cover the laptop and “data breach” coverage to your policy to cover the costs associated with loss of that information.

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The Latest Insurance Industry Changes that Affect You

Let’s talk… Changes in the insurance industry that can impact the price you pay.  If you have questions or concerns after reviewing this information, please contact us online, by telephone, or email (see contact info below).  Your Michigan Insurance Agent at Kemner Iott Benz wants to help!

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