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What if Wednesday: Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Christmas! Part Two

Adrian, Michigan InsuranceLast week we discussed how to protect special Christmas gifts such as jewelry, furs, and antiques, but what if you’re still not sure if a gift you’ve purchased or received is properly covered under your current insurance policy? Our happy insurance elves at Kemner-Iott Agency will also help you keep all these other special items out of the hands of the Grinch this holiday season!

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“What If” Wednesday: Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover Sewage Damage?

Does my home insurance policy cover sewage damage?What if… I come home to find standing sewage in my basement?  Is this covered under my home insurance  policy?

Damage to your home and furnishings caused when sewage backs up into the home is not covered by standard homeowners insurance.  You may purchase insurance protection separately, or as an additional endorsement to an existing home insurance policy subject to certain conditions, limitations, or exclusions.

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