“What If” Wednesday: Smart Social Media Etiquette

social network business insuranceWhat if…I am perusing my favorite social media site and want to comment on a hot news item? Is there anything I should keep in mind before responding?

In the current days of social media, we need to be careful on how we respond to the latest news, gossip, etc. With everything on the internet being at our fingertips, everything can be commented and judged. Keep in mind that once it is out there, the whole world can see it.

A quick search in Google can show you how many people have been fired because of something they have said on their favorite social media site. Don’t be this person. If you don’t want to maintain your professional image, practice smart business insurance in social media by following these 12 “social media etiquette” steps recently published by Forbes.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. Should I target a specific audience with this message?
  2. Will anyone really care about this content besides me?
  3. Will I offend anyone with this content? If so, who? Does it matter?
  4. Is this appropriate for a social portal, or would it best be communicated another way?
  5. How many times have I already posted something today?  More than three can be excessive.
  6. Did I spell check?
  7. Will I be okay with absolutely anyone seeing this?
  8. Is this post too vague? Will everyone understand what I’m saying?
  9. Am I using this as an emotional dumping ground? If so, Why? Is a different outlet better for these purposes?
  10. Am I using too many abbreviations in this post and starting to sound like a teenager?
  11. Is this reactive communication or is it well thought-out?
  12. Is this really something I want to share, or is it just me venting?

Remember: Always THINK before you type…’Like’… and ‘Share!’

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