“What If” Wednesday: Shape Up Your Health Insurance and Eat Healthy

healthy eatingWhat if…3:00PM comes around and I feel like I have no energy to finish out my day. How can I keep that energy level up?

Keeping your energy up all day long is easy with eating healthy snacks between meals. Although, it can sometimes be hard to remember to fix a snack and take it to work with you due to your busy schedule. However, if you do, you will have that energy boost you need in the middle of the afternoon. Luckily, we have provided a few snack ideas that are easy for you to take with you on-the-go.


 7 Quick Healthy Snacks:

1. Hard-boiled egg

2. Fruit

3. Low-fat cheese

4. Cereal bar with protein and fiber (watch the calories and fat)

5. Vegetables with hummus

6. Nuts

7. Greek Yogurt

Additional Health Tips

Pairing these items in groups of 2 gives you multiple food groups in your snack and pairing them in groups of 3 will give you an easy on-the-go breakfast. Don’t forget to stay hydrated with drinking water all day long too!

Another way to avoid the mental block that comes with the 3:00 slump is to get up from your desk for a minute or two. Maybe take a brisk walk around the outside of your office or do some short quick exercises at your desk. Keeping your mind fresh and your energy level increased will definitely impress your boss with your increased productivity!

Be Prepared for Accidents

Eating healthier meals and working out will not only improve your overall health, but it will keep you out of the hospital as well. However, accidents happen. That is why it is also important to protect you and your family against future, high cost medicals bills that may come at an inopportune time. Make sure you have a reliable health insurance plan set in place.

Let’s Talk

Understanding your health insurance policy can be frustrating.  That’s why the friendly agents at Kemner-Iott are here – to help you!  If you would like to discuss your policy, ask questions, or talk to one of our agents, please contact us online, or call one of our local insurance agencies:

Adrian:  517.265.7000
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