“What If” Wednesday: Remove Distractions

Remove DistractionsWhat if…You removed two diversions or distractions from your life each week?

Removing diversions is like pruning a rose bush.  When you prune the dead rose buds off the bush, you make room for new buds to grow by directing all the energy from the dead rose bud to the new one.  When you remove distractions from your life, it allows you to direct your energy to something that is more important to you.  Two less diversions a week will eliminate more than 100 distractions a year from your life.

When was the last time you evaluated what’s most important to you?

Let’s Talk

One diversion you can remove is worry over your insurance policies.  Our friendly insurance agents at Kemner-Iott are here to assist you!  We’ll help you understand which policy is best for you, and help you get a great rate.  Interested in learning more?  Please contact us online with questions, or call one of our local insurance agencies:

Adrian:  517.265.7000
Ann Arbor:  734.971.1000
Cassopolis:  269.445.2425

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