Have You Thought About Insurance For…?

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Jewelry, Firearms, Silverware

Are you aware the basic homeowners policy has a limit for theft of these items?  If you have items that are more valuable, you may want to schedule each item individually on your policy.  When scheduling items, you will need a description and a recent appraisal.  Not only can scheduling an item allow a higher limit for theft, it offers broader protection including accidental loss – such as dropping your earring down the drain of the kitchen sink, leaving a piece of jewelry in a hotel room, or losing a diamond from your wedding ring.

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“Look, Ma, no driver!” Autonomous Vehicle Testing in Michigan is Happening Close to Home

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The driverless car—or autonomous vehicle—may have once seemed like a far-off fantasy. However, the technology needed to make them a mainstream reality is being steadily developed and tested globally, including right in the backyards of Washtenaw County residents.

Autonomous vehicle testing in Michigan is growing, and Washtenaw County is playing an integral role. In 2015, the Mcity Test Facility was opened on U-M’s North Campus, a partnership between the Michigan Department of Transportation and University of Michigan, for autonomous vehicle testing. Governor Rick Snyder announced earlier this year that the State plans to buy the former Willow Run Powertrain plant in Ypsilanti Township to create an autonomous vehicle research facility. This is good news for the Washtenaw County area in terms of job growth in the automotive and technology sectors and potential federal funding for research into autonomous vehicle testing in Michigan.

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Pay for College with a Life Insurance Policy? Yes, You Can!

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When it comes to paying for college, many parents find themselves faced with rising tuition costs and uncertainty about the best way to save for education. While 529 education savings plans, or other state-sponsored savings accounts, certainly have their advantages, using life insurance to pay for college is an alternative that parents are tapping into. In fact, Sallie Mae, the nation’s largest private provider of student loans recently reported that 19 percent of families saving for college are including life insurance policies in their plans.

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Pizza Delivery, Home Healthcare, Uber Driver and Your Personal Auto Policy

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Do you use your personal vehicle for business use?  If so, you could have a gap in coverage should you have an accident in the course of your employment. Whether or not you have personal auto insurance gap coverage may depend on what kind of car you are driving, does the car belong to you or someone else, and what type of business you’re in.

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Students! Heading Off for Spring Break? Be Smart, Stay Safe with These Tips

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The University of Michigan, Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame spring breakers! We know that you and your friends have been looking forward to spring break for months, but you may not be as prepared as you think.

You have your hotel booked and plane tickets in hand—what more do you need, you might ask? What about protecting yourself during your time away from school with spring break travel insurance? Do you have a plan for partying without putting yourself in risky situations? While you may just want to get to where you’re headed, you need to be smart about your travel planning so that your spring break is fun and safe. Here are some tips to help you protect yourself:

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When Should You Borrow Against Your Life Insurance Policy?

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Chances are, if you bought a life insurance policy, you did so to protect your family from financial loss in case of your passing. But, did you know that you can borrow against certain types of life insurance policies? Let’s look at how it works and why you might want to consider doing so.

First, it’s important to understand that you can only borrow against a life insurance policy that allows you to do so. These types of policies are called ‘permanent’ or ‘cash value’ life insurance and they differ from term life insurance, which pays out only if the policyholder dies during the policy term. Permanent life insurance policies pay a death benefit no matter when you die. A portion of the premium you pay funds a separate account that builds up cash value. Depending on the permanent life insurance policy you have, this cash value may be a part of your death benefit, or in addition to it. You can also borrow a portion of this cash value. The amount you can borrow depends on the specifics of your policy.

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Do Stay-at-Home Spouses Really Need Life Insurance? The Answer May Surprise You

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A quiet trend in America is the growing number of single-income households, largely run by stay-at-home spouses. If this is the case for your family, it’s likely that you and your spouse have life insurance protection for the breadwinner of your household. However, have you given thought to how you will protect the financial and emotional security of your family should the stay-at-home partner pass away? If not, now’s the time to think about securing life insurance for your family’s stay-at-home spouse.

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Retain Your Top Talent: 5 Benefits You Should Offer Your Employees

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For small businesses and start-ups, employee recruitment is an important focus and money is considered the make-or-break benefit that will attract top talent. Key positions need to be filled, often quickly, so spending time to really develop a benefits package that will attract and retain skilled workers is something that often gets put on the back burner, but this is a short-sighted strategy. If your hard-won recruits don’t feel valued and decide to move on from your organization the costs in terms of productivity and financial and human capital can be extremely high.

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Top 5 Tips for Talking to Your Spouse About Life Insurance

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For all you “marrieds” out there—think back to the moment when you said your marriage vows. If you had a traditional ceremony, you and your spouse likely uttered something along the lines of the phrase “’Til death do us part.”  After that moment, if you’re lucky (and like most married people), you probably don’t think about the death of your spouse—much less talk about it with your partner. However, avoiding the topic because it’s difficult, and neglecting to discuss life insurance with your spouse, can be detrimental to your family’s financial security.

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Snowmobilers: Before Hitting the Trails Review Your Recreational Vehicle Insurance

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While we haven’t seen record snowfalls yet this year across southern Michigan, northwest Ohio or Indiana, cold temperatures have brought snow farther north and allowed for the making of snow at some resorts. Which can only mean one thing to those of who love to snowmobile: It’s time to hit the trails for a winter adventure.

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