October is Employee Ownership Month

How an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) WorksKemner-Iott is an ESOP

Kemner-Iott Agency and Benz Insurance team members are proud of their employee-owned company. Not sure what that means? For Kemner-Iott and Benz Insurance, it means that our employees receive stock ownership in the company.   They feel a responsibility for the success of their company.

Benefits of ESOPs

An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan, or pension plan.

Employees are motivated and invested in Kemner-Iott, because they own part of the company.


Much research has been conducted concerning the impact of ESOPs on companies and employees. This research has found that ESOPs benefit both.

A study conducted in 2000 by Rutgers University compared ESOP companies with comparable non-ESOP companies and tracked their performance over a period of six years. The results? ESOP companies had about 2% higher sales, employment growth, and growth in sales per employee!

Closely-held companies show improved sales, employment, and productivity. ESOP participants have more retirement assets of comparable employees in comparable companies, and about the same amount of diversified retirement assets.

Additional Reading

Want to learn more about ESOPs? Check out these helpful websites and articles:

National Center for Employee Ownership

The ESOP Association

Rutgers Awards Fellowships to Study Contributions of Employee Ownership, Profit-Sharing to Business Success

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