Homeowners: Avoid Harrowing Horrors with These Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is a time for treats and spooky tricks—all in good fun, of course. While it can be one of the most entertaining times of the year, Halloween also brings with it seasonal hazards that pose risks for homeowners. From candles in jack o’ lanterns to dark driveways and dangling decorations, it’s important to make Halloween safety a top priority, especially if you plan to invite trick-or-treaters to your door. To help you avoid any harrowing horrors inside or outside of your home this October 31, check out these Halloween safety tips:

Tip #1 – Light up the night safely

Part of the magic of Halloween night is the eerie glow cast by candles and luminaries. However, these light sources are also fire hazards, especially when placed in areas where trick-or-treaters can easily knock them over. Use LED lights instead of real candles, or follow the new trend of using strings of orange lights to add a frightfully festive flair to your front doorway. If your driveway or walkway is long, it’s a good idea to light it so that visitors don’t trip or fall on their way to claim candy at your door.

Tip #2 – Think fire safety first

If you’re hosting a Halloween party at home, be sure to check your smoke alarms to make sure they’re functional. In keeping with the previous tip, you may want to rethink open flames and opt instead for LED or electric lights. If you do use real flames, keep decorations (especially those made of paper!) away from them.

Tip #3 – Detour around your décor

For some homeowners, decorating for Halloween represents major enjoyment. Just be sure that any scary outdoor scene that you construct doesn’t turn into an obstacle course for your visitors. Clear the path from your driveway or the sidewalk to avoid tripping hazards and be sure to remove any loose staircase railings or walkway stones to reduce the risk of injury.

Tip #4 – Clear your yard

The excitement of Halloween often means that youngsters throw their neighborhood safety rules aside, opting instead to run from house to house—often cutting across yards in the process. Help them avoid potential hazards on your property by removing lawn ornaments, clearing leaves and fallen tree branches, and stowing away bikes or equipment that could cause a frightful fall.

Tip #5 – Put away your pets

To promote the safety of your pets and those who visit your house this Halloween, keep cats and dogs in a location away from the commotion of the front door. This will help you avoid a scared animal escaping and getting lost—as well as preventing any accidental harm that an overly excited animal may inflict on a stranger.

Review your homeowners insurance coverage

Nothing is scarier than realizing after you need to make a claim that you have a gap in your insurance coverage. So, let’s talk! Take the opportunity now to review your homeowners policy with one of our insurance professionals to ensure that you are protected against any liabilities related to visitors on your property.

A quick safety check will go a long way toward keeping your Halloween scares in the “entertaining” category. By taking action and implementing these Halloween safety tips, you’ll be able to enjoy this bewitching time of year without your home being haunted by potential horrors.

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