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Jewelry, Firearms, Silverware

Are you aware the basic homeowners policy has a limit for theft of these items?  If you have items that are more valuable, you may want to schedule each item individually on your policy.  When scheduling items, you will need a description and a recent appraisal.  Not only can scheduling an item allow a higher limit for theft, it offers broader protection including accidental loss – such as dropping your earring down the drain of the kitchen sink, leaving a piece of jewelry in a hotel room, or losing a diamond from your wedding ring.


Homeowner insurers are beginning to take a hard look at drones and even including exclusions for drone-related liability in their policies.  Suppose your drone crash lands into someone’s car or house causing damage, injures a person, or takes pictures or videotapes a neighbor who sues you.  Without liability coverage, the money will come out of your pocket.  Not only that, you have no coverage to repair or replace your damaged drone.  This also includes the theft or loss of your drone.

Wedding Insurance

Are you planning a wedding?  Does your venue require liability insurance?  You may want to purchase a wedding policy.  A wedding insurance policy includes coverage for property damage to the rented banquet facility, medical payments coverage in case a guest falls or gets sick from the food, and host liquor liability.  Many facilities require they be added as an additional insured to your insurance policy.  While most homeowners insurance companies will not allow this, a wedding policy does.  Insurance may also be available for other special events such as a 50th wedding anniversary, a graduation party, or a birthday party.

Travel Insurance

Suppose you planned, saved, and booked your dream vacation.  What if you have to cancel your trip due to illness or other unforeseen events?  The purchase of travel insurance will help you protect the investment in your trip.  A travel insurance policy may include coverage for trip cancellation and interruption due to illness, or death of you, a family member, traveling companion, or business partner, trip delay, medical expense and evacuation costs, lost, stolen, or damaged baggage, and accidental death.

Pet Insurance

If you have a pet, you know are familiar with vet bills.  Pet health insurance is available to help with these expenses.  Three levels are available:

  • Basic coverage – the least expensive option providing the lowest reimbursement for certain veterinary expenses
  • Comprehensive coverage – a more expensive option with better benefits
  • Pet Well Care Protection – a plan that reimburses for preventative care such as physical exams, flea and heartworm protection, and vaccinations.

Life and Theft insurance is also available and normally used for high-value animals.

Identity Theft Insurance

Having your identity stolen can be inconvenient and costly.  Identity theft insurance provides reimbursement to victims for the cost of restoring their identity and repairing credit reports.  It usually covers expenses such as phone bills, lost wages, notary and certified mailing costs and sometimes attorney fees.  Some companies offer restoration or resolution services that will help you through the process of recovering your identity.  Identity theft insurance may be available as an endorsement to your homeowners or automobile insurance policy or by purchasing a separate identity theft policy.

Household Help

The insurance coverage needed will depend on the type of help you hire.  If you’re contracting with an outside firm, ask for a certificate of insurance.  If you’re personally hiring household help, the type of insurance needed will depend on whether they are occasional help or permanent full- or part-time employees.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your homeowners and/or automobile insurance will cover every situation.  Contact one of our insurance agents today! They can help you determine what type, if any, additional coverage is needed as well as the additional cost to you.  Once you have this information, you will be able to make an educated decision.

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