Employee Wellness Program for Small Businesses: 6 Tips to Help You Succeed

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Across the country, small business owners are adopting employee wellness programs to reduce health insurance costs, become employers of choice, recruit and retain employees, and sustain a healthy and more productive workforce. However, as any business owner knows, keeping the momentum of an employee wellness program going can be difficult. To help you start and maintain a successful employee wellness program for small businesses, we’ve compiled the following tips. Check them out and make plans to have a healthier year at your business:

Lead wellness initiatives by example

If your business has a leadership team, make your leaders the health advocates for the company—if you’re the lone leader, lace up your running shoes and start walking the wellness walk!

Encourage employees to incorporate healthy habits into their workday—and make it possible

It’s great to encourage employees to exercise and eat better, but if no one can take a break to walk or workout during the workday because they are overwhelmed with work and you bring donuts to every staff meeting, your cheerleading alone will not be enough.

Ask for ideas from your employees

It’s likely that you have at least one person on your team with some ideas for incorporating wellness into the workday, so ask employees how they think their workplace can support healthier choices.

Invite employees to share their healthy habits and their successes

Let your employees inspire and motivate each other…start a wellness bulletin board or allow a few minutes at each staff meeting for people to talk about the progress they’re making toward their goals.

Offer healthy options around the office

If you have an open kitchen, cafeteria, or vending machines available to employees, think about stocking them with healthier items. It might cost a little more, but the marginal expense will pay dividends over the long-term.

Allow employees to disconnect from work

While exercise and healthy eating are certainly the cornerstones of any wellness program, remember that stress reduction is as well. If employees feel like they always have to be connected and available to your business, it can lead to stress, burn-out, and poor employee wellness. Encourage productivity during regular working hours, but set reasonable expectations when it comes to working outside of them. This also goes for business owners and leaders!

With the new year just starting, now is the perfect time for planning and implementing an employee wellness program for your small business. Use the tips above to get started and to maintain your program for a healthier company in 2017 and beyond!

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