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Umbrella Liability Insurance Fills the Gaps that Can Put Your Financial Security at Risk

contentThey’re definitely nightmare situations: You’re driving your car or boat and you cause an accident that critically injures one or more people; or, a contractor doing work on your home trips on the carpet and sustains life-changing injuries. As if being liable for these accidents isn’t bad enough, think about what would happen if the families of those injured sue you for millions of dollars in damages and legal fees. If you don’t have the money to pay these obligations, you are likely to have your future wages garnished, which can spell financial ruin now—and for years to come.

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Are You Renting Out Residential or Vacation Property? Reduce Your Risks with These Tips

If you’re thinking about making a living (or at least a little extra money) by renting out residential properties that you own, or if unforeseen circumstances (such as higher than expected costs for a vacation home or being unable to sell your home after buying a new one) are forcing you to consider becoming an “accidental” landlord, it is important to do an insurance review to properly protect yourself and your property. Otherwise, you may end up with more hassles and expenses than you bargained for.

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How is Your Insurance Knowledge?

Now that we are into the New Year, take some time to increase your insurance knowledge. recently completed a country wide survey using the following misconceptions:

  • Insurance Myths | Kemner-Iott AgencyI should purchase insurance coverage for my house based on the real estate market value. Your homeowners policy normally insures you home for the rebuilding cost (materials and labor).  This can vary depending on the market in your area.  If the market value is higher than the rebuilding cost, much of the real estate value is in the land.  In today’s housing market, many people are able to purchase a home for less than the rebuilding cost.  This being the case, your homeowners policy will insure for more than the purchase of the home.  By insuring your home at the “rebuilding” cost, you should qualify for replacement cost to cover the expense to replace your home and personal property, instead of “actual cash value” coverage, which will only cover the depreciated value.
  • Red cars cost more to insure because they get pulled over for speeding more.  The color of your car may reflect your personal taste, but it does not have a direct impact on your car insurance rate.  Some of the things that do affect your premium are your driving history, your claims history, your insurance score, and the year, make, and model of your vehicle.
  • If I cause an accident with extensive damages to others, my auto insurance company can cancel me immediately.  The truth is an auto insurance company cannot immediately cancel your auto insurance. However, they have the ability to not renew your policy at the end of your current policy period as a result of too many tickets or accidents.  If a company decides to not renew your policy, they are required to mail a written notice stating the reason for nonrenewal at least 30 days before the expiration of your current policy.
  • Small cars are the cheapest to insure.  Typically small and mid-size SUVs and minivans are less expensive to insure.  An accident with a small car will result in more damage, causing more repairs, as well as more injuries which in turn results in higher insurance rates for small cars.
  • Comprehensive auto insurance covers everything and anything.  Comprehensive includes coverage for damage to your car for broken glass, fire, weather, vandalism, theft and hitting an animal.
  • Thieves prefer new cars.  Car thieves sometimes take newer models to resell them in America with a counterfeit vehicle identification number or ship them overseas.  In truth, car thieves prefer older cars from longstanding model lines such as a 1996 Honda Accord or a 2006 Ford F-150 pickup.  The majority of stolen vehicles go to chop shops.  Because the parts can be used on a variety of models, this makes older vehicles popular with thieves.
  • If my friend borrows my car and has an accident, their insurance will pay for the damage. Your friend’s insurance will not pay for the damage to your car.  Your insurance pays when someone else drives your car.    If you do not carry coverage for physical damage to your vehicle, you most likely will be left with a damaged vehicle.
  • The Affordable Care Act requires me to take the health insurance plan offered by my employer.  The ACA requires almost all Americans to purchase health insurance but doesn’t say where they must get it.  However, if you choose to purchase your own health insurance, you will not qualify for a subsidy.
  • My out-of-state speeding ticket will not follow me home.  This information will follow you and can result in points on your driver license.  In addition, your unpaid speeding ticket in Florida will prevent you from renewing your license in Michigan.

When you have insurance questions, refer to a credible source. is an online source you may find helpful.  By contacting your insurance agent, you will be able to get the answers to your questions as well as making any necessary changes in your existing coverage.

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Let’s Talk! Your Top Three Insurance Questions Answered

Friends in a car discussing insurance questionsWe’ll be the first ones to say it—knowing all the details about different types of insurance and how much coverage you need to protect your assets and your family can be a time-consuming and confusing process, especially if you’re not an insurance professional. That’s why our knowledgeable team is always happy to answer questions you may have about your insurance needs. In today’s blog, we’re going to address the three questions we hear most often—we hope you will find these answers helpful.

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Crowdfunding and Locavesting Help Build Stronger Communities

Collaborative Finance, CrowdfundingCrowdfunding— the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people—we hear about it on the news from time to time, but for many of us it seems like something that other people, in other places might do. However, you may be surprised to learn that crowdfunding is happening right here in southeast Michigan—including in Lenawee County.

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What If Wednesday: What if I’m Confused About my Auto Insurance Policy?

Auto InsuranceWhat if I just purchased auto insurance but I’m confused by all the terms on my policy?

Now that you have selected an agent, carrier and coverage levels,  what happens if you suffer a loss?  The employee-owners at Kemner-Iott Agency want to help you understand your auto insurance policy.  So, pull out your declaration pages (auto policy that was either mailed or printed off for you) and let’s review what each coverage item means (You may want to grab a cup of coffee):

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How to Create a Home Inventory List and Why it Helps the Claims Process

Homeowners InsuranceWhat if you know you need to create a home inventory list, but aren’t sure how to go about it?What if you’re not sure why you need such a list in the first place? Kemner Iott Benz is here to help answer your questions!

Why a Home Inventory List is Vital

A home inventory list can help you decide just how much insurance coverage you need and makes sure you are fully protected should you ever need to file a claim. Creating a home inventory list also helps you keep track of what you own and what the value is on all of your possessions, which will make it easier to file a claim should disaster strike your home. Having a home inventory is especially important for individuals and families that have spent years acquiring personal possessions.

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What if Wednesday: Five Reasons to Choose Kemner-Iott Agency

Insurance Agency Adrian MichiganWhat if you’re looking for a new insurance agency to help you with all of your insurance needs? How can you tell if our agency is the right fit for you? We have five great reasons why Kemner-Iott Agency is the perfect choice for you!

We are Employee-Owned and Customer-Focused

Kemner-Iott is independently owned and operated, which means when you call and talk to one of our knowledgeable agents, you’re also talking to one of our owners. Every Kemner-Iott employee is dedicated to providing quality personal and commercial insurance policies and programs and we will do everything we can to ensure you receive the very best service in the area.

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What if Wednesday: Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Christmas! Part Two

Adrian, Michigan InsuranceLast week we discussed how to protect special Christmas gifts such as jewelry, furs, and antiques, but what if you’re still not sure if a gift you’ve purchased or received is properly covered under your current insurance policy? Our happy insurance elves at Kemner-Iott Agency will also help you keep all these other special items out of the hands of the Grinch this holiday season!

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October is Employee Ownership Month

How an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) WorksKemner-Iott is an ESOP

Kemner-Iott Agency and Benz Insurance team members are proud of their employee-owned company. Not sure what that means? For Kemner-Iott and Benz Insurance, it means that our employees receive stock ownership in the company.   They feel a responsibility for the success of their company.

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