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Congratulations Grads! Welcome to the Real World

graduates tossing caps into the air | Kemner Iott Benz

After years of hard work, you’ve finally received your diploma.  Soon you’ll be faced with many new and exciting life changes involving work, money, living spaces, and possessions. But with all the excitement, have you thought about insurance?

There are five basic insurance tips every new graduate should consider:

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Retain Your Top Talent: 5 Benefits You Should Offer Your Employees

business woman working on laptop in busy office | Kemner Iott Benz

For small businesses and start-ups, employee recruitment is an important focus and money is considered the make-or-break benefit that will attract top talent. Key positions need to be filled, often quickly, so spending time to really develop a benefits package that will attract and retain skilled workers is something that often gets put on the back burner, but this is a short-sighted strategy. If your hard-won recruits don’t feel valued and decide to move on from your organization the costs in terms of productivity and financial and human capital can be extremely high.

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Use the Kemner Iott Benz Open Enrollment Guide to Get the Right Health Insurance Coverage

doctor holding a table with the words open enrollment | Kemner Iott Benz

Open enrollment season is here—the time of year when you can apply for a new health plan, or make changes to an existing one. Michigan, Ohio and Indiana residents who buy their own health insurance should review their plan to ensure they have the best possible coverage before open enrollment ends (usually by the end of January, depending on the particular health insurance plan).

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Do Your Back-to-School Health Homework with this Checklist

green apple resting on a book | Kemner Iott Benz

For some students, the back-to-school bell has already rung. For others, the first day of school is right around the corner. No matter when your school days officially start, it’s an important time for families to review their health insurance and take other preventative measures to protect their well-being.

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A Healthy Work Environment for All

National Work and Family Month, working mom with baby at laptop.October is National Work and Family Month in the United States, which is designed to communicate and celebrate the progress towards healthier and flexible work environments. The goal is to encourage employers to think strategically about family-friendly policies and work-life benefits such as workplace flexibility, health and wellness, dependent care, community involvement, financial security, and paid and unpaid time off.

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What If…I want to go hunting for the first time, what steps do I need to take?

Before going out on your very first hunting trip, here are some things to consider:


If you were born after January 1, 1960, you are required to take a hunter safety class. Hunter educations teaches you safe hunting techniques, firearm handling, and hunter ethics. In Michigan, there are 3 types of classes offered: Traditional Classroom, Home Study, and Online Hunter Safety Courses.  When taking the Home Study or Online Course, you will also have to register for a skills/field day portion of the regular class before starting either of these classes.

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“What If” Wednesday: Health and Life Insurance for Hunters

health insurance for hunters MichiganWhat if… I get hurt while I’m hunting this season? How can I prepare for accidents?

Hunting can be an exhilarating and exciting outdoor activity, but you should always be prepared for the unexpected. You never know what could happen and it’s important to be prepared in case of a serious accident. Individual health insurance helps protect you against expensive medical bills that may occur if you are injured. It’s important that you and your family are covered by a sustainable policy.

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Count Down to College: Does Your Insurance Still Add Up?

Insurance concerns for college studentsGetting ready for college is an exciting and stressful time in life for students and their parents. Undoubtedly you have several checklists to make sure nothing is forgotten.  A conversation with your insurance agent should be on the list of tasks to make sure the college student, their family and the family’s assets are adequately protected in the event of serious injury or a liability claim.

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“What If” Wednesday: Shape Up Your Health Insurance and Eat Healthy

healthy eatingWhat if…3:00PM comes around and I feel like I have no energy to finish out my day. How can I keep that energy level up?

Keeping your energy up all day long is easy with eating healthy snacks between meals. Although, it can sometimes be hard to remember to fix a snack and take it to work with you due to your busy schedule. However, if you do, you will have that energy boost you need in the middle of the afternoon. Luckily, we have provided a few snack ideas that are easy for you to take with you on-the-go.

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Insurance for Your College Student

Kids, College and Insurance

Sending your child off to college can be one of the most stressful, yet rewarding times in a parent’s life.  More than likely, your child’s checklist for college will not include “Check on Insurance.” You may need to adjust your insurance policies to ensure your child is covered when he or she goes to school.

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