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Help! My Friend Crashed My Car—Will My Insurance Pay for Repairs?

car crashIt’s a common scenario—you lend your vehicle to a friend who needs to run an errand or get to work. All is well, until you get a call that they ran into another vehicle. Of course, your first concern is likely for your friend’s well-being. Then you’ll probably wonder if your insurance coverage will pay for the car repairs, since someone else was driving your car.

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What If Wednesday: What if I’m Confused About my Auto Insurance Policy?

Auto InsuranceWhat if I just purchased auto insurance but I’m confused by all the terms on my policy?

Now that you have selected an agent, carrier and coverage levels,  what happens if you suffer a loss?  The employee-owners at Kemner-Iott Agency want to help you understand your auto insurance policy.  So, pull out your declaration pages (auto policy that was either mailed or printed off for you) and let’s review what each coverage item means (You may want to grab a cup of coffee):

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“What If” Wednesday: What if I Hit a Deer?

deer-car collisions are covered by auto insuranceWhat if… I hit a deer and it damages my vehicle? Will my auto insurance policy cover the damages from the collision?

October, November, and December are the top months for deer-car collisions, and Michigan has one of the highest deer-car collision rates in the country. With the explosion in the deer population, deer-car collisions are on the rise.

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“What If” Wednesday: Auto Insurance for a Hit and Run

Two crashed carsWhat if…I come out of the mall after shopping only to find that someone has backed into my car.  What do I need to do?

The first thing you need to do is go to the police station and file a report.  Then report the claim to your insurance agent.  Depending on the type of collision insurance you have on your car, your insurance carrier may waive your collision deductible in this instance.

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“What If” Wednesday: Michigan Auto Insurance for Classic Cars

classic yellow carWhat if…I want to insure my 1980’s vehicle as a classic car?

It used to be that if a vehicle was 25 years old, it was a collectible. Unfortunately, this is not true today. Don’t worry, we have provided some tips on how to get your classic car set with Michigan auto insurance.

Collectible Automobile Requirements

If you have a vehicle from the ’80’s that you want to insure as a collectible, the vehicle needs to meet one of these requirements:

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“What If” Wednesday: How to Protect Yourself when Selling a Car

Auto Insurance Ann ArborWhat If… I sold my car to another private party, how do I protect myself until the title is changed to the new owner?

The State of Michigan requires that the private seller accompany the buyer of the vehicle to the Secretary of State to change the title.  If this is not possible, maintain a record of the sale for no less than 18 months.  The record kept may be a photocopy of the signed title or document showing the year, make, model, VIN#, name, address, driver license number and signature of the purchaser along with the purchase price and date of sale.  In addition to the above items, you must fill in the mileage.  You can also ask the buyer to enter their information into the buyer section on the title.

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“What If” Wednesday: Motorcycle Insurance & Medical Bills

Motorcycle Insurance Policy MichiganWhat if…I fell off my motorcycle when I turned a corner too quickly?  Will my motorcycle insurance policy cover my medical bills?

If you have purchased medical payments coverage (MedPay) on your motorcycle policy, you will have limited coverage to take care of any medical costs you have incurred.  MedPay is often limited to three years and a specific dollar amount.  In some states, MedPay may only apply after the primary medical carrier’s coverage is exhausted.

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“What If” Wednesday: Car Rental Insurance & Credit Cards

Auto Insurance What if I have a credit card that offers car rental insurance… Do I need to buy the insurance that the car rental company offers?

Nothing ruins a vacation like damage to a rental car, a hold on your credit card, and a family stranded!  Every company’s rental contract is different, so always check with your credit card company and your agent before you decline their coverage.  Then, make an informed decision, relax, and enjoy!

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“What If” Wednesday: When to Add Your Teen to Your Auto Insurance Policy

What if… My teenager has a learner’s permit and is going through driver’s education.  Do I need to add him as a driver on my auto policy?

Tasha from the Adrian office explains, “Your teenage driver does not need to be added to your auto policy as a driver until he is licensed to drive a vehicle by himself.”

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“What If” Wednesday: My Sister and My Auto Policy

What if…my sister lives with me and I want to add her car to my auto policy?

Amanda from the Cassopolis office explains, “Since your sister’s car is titled to her, she will need to obtain her own auto policy.”

Let’s Talk!

Confused?  Worried?  Don’t be; Kemner-Iott is here to help!  If you’d like to discuss your auto insurance policy, contact us online with questions, or call one of our local insurance agencies:

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