12 Ways You May Qualify for Auto Insurance Discounts

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“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…an auto insurance discount?” It’s unlikely that your sweetheart will put auto insurance discounts under the tree this holiday season, but our insurance professionals can help to wrap up lower auto insurance rates for you! There are many ways that you can receive discounts on your auto insurance, here’s twelve of them – look to see which ones may apply to you:

#1 – Combined insurance policy discount

One of the easiest ways to receive a discount on your auto, home, and business insurance is to bundle them with the same insurance carrier. Plus, having all of your insurance through one company will streamline the purchase and renewal process.

#2 – Multiple vehicle discounts

Another easy way to lower your car insurance premiums is by having more than one vehicle on your auto insurance policy. If you have two or more vehicles, having them on the same policy is usually a money-saving move.

#3 – Clean driving record

Are you a safe driver who has never had an accident? Then your insurance premium is likely to be lower than someone who has had multiple accidents and takes unnecessary risks.

#4 – Safety features on your car

If your car has specific safety features like automatic safety belts, anti-theft alarms, or airbags, you may qualify for an auto insurance discount.

#5 – Low-risk occupation

Jobs such as nurses, accountants, and teachers (among others), may be considered lower risk than other occupations that may require you to be on the road more (such as being a salesperson). If you have a low-risk job, it may mean that you can get a lower auto insurance rate.

#6 – Low mileage discounts

Carpooling means lower auto insurance rates. If you don’t drive your own car to work every day and trade off driving duties with others, this is another way you can qualify for discounts on your car insurance.

#7 – Senior and retirement discounts

Growing older does offer some benefits! If you’re over the age of fifty, talk to one of our insurance professionals today about a possible senior discount!

#8 – Student discounts

You may qualify for an auto insurance discount if your child is a driver under the age of 25 who lives at least 100 miles away from home and uses the car only while home during school vacation and holiday periods.

#9 – Defensive driving classes discount

Taking a driver safety course is not only a smart idea,  but it may also help lower your car insurance rates. To make sure you meet the requirements for this type of auto insurance discount, talk with one of our insurance professionals.

#10 – Credit union member discount

If you belong to a credit union, you may be able to lower your auto insurance rates. Ask your credit union or one of our insurance professionals for details.

#11 – Michigan Education Association (MEA) members

Michigan’s teachers, education support professionals, and higher-education employees can qualify for auto insurance discounts through special programs offered in conjunction with the Michigan Education Association.

#12 – Alumni association discount programs

Members of university or college alumni associations may also qualify for lower car insurance rates—ask your alma mater or your insurance professional.

You’re likely “shopped out” already from the holiday season, so if looking at auto insurance coverage seems overwhelming right now – relax! We can do the insurance shopping for you. Our independent agency status means that we can shop from a wide range of companies to get you the best possible auto insurance premiums and the coverage you need, so you’ll have peace of mind as well as low auto insurance rates. Contact one of our insurance professionals today!

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