Know the Facts About Workers’ Comp Insurance and Take Action to Lower Your Losses

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Workers’ compensation (workers’ comp) insurance provides important protection for businesses and their employees. It’s a key business coverage that protects both employees and employers, which is why most states, including Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, require businesses to carry it.

Workers’ comp claims represent significant monetary and human resource costs for businesses, so it’s important to know the facts about workers’ comp coverage and to implement strategies that reduce the likelihood that claims will occur. In addition, having a robust workers’ comp loss prevention program can help to reduce the risk of fines related to OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) infractions.

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5 Local Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

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If you search the Web, you’ll find a wealth of information and resources available for entrepreneurs and many that offer specific information to assist women entrepreneurs. However, if you live in the Washtenaw County area and are looking to connect on a local level with organizations that support entrepreneurial women, you’ll want to start here:

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Your Farm Insurance Checklist: Reduce Your Liability and Risks with the Right Coverage

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While many types of insurance policies such as homeowners insurance and auto insurance have become quite standardized, farm insurance policies should be tailored to the unique needs of your farm. This is because of the great variation between farm operations and the breadth of insurance options for agribusiness owners. However, there are several common coverage areas that farm operators should address to avoid any unnecessary risk.

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The Best Washtenaw County Summer Destinations: Here’s Your Starter List!

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Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to get outside to enjoy your RV, boat or other personal watercraft – Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, canoe or kayak – while spending time with family and friends. The good news is you don’t have to go far to have a fun summer adventure. There are literally dozens of great places to go locally including visiting many of southeast Michigan’s most popular parks, campgrounds, parades, festivals, and firework displays. Check out our list below of the best Washtenaw County Summer destinations to make the most of them.

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Let’s Party! Top Tips for a Fun and Safe Summer

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Whether a graduation party, backyard barbecue or 4th of July celebration, summer is party time in America, especially in Michigan where the “good” weather season seems too short.  When trying to fit in all the outdoor activities, don’t overlook these important safe practices.

Did you know that July is the peak month for grill fires?  Roughly half of the injuries involving grills are burns. Practice these safety tips and you should be on your way to safe grilling:

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Safeguard Your Business with an Effective Loss Control Plan

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Loss control is a key area of focus for any business that wants to protect its physical and monetary assets as well as its employees. Developing an effective loss control plan will support the financial stability of an organization and the long-term continuation of its operations.

For example, a plan should address the following:

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Do You Have an Unoccupied Home? You May Need Vacant Property Insurance

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Having a vacant property increases your risk for financial loss. Consider the catastrophic loss that would occur if the vacant home that you’re trying to sell was destroyed. There’s also the risk of other significant losses from vandalism, break-ins, fires, smoke damage, and water damage. These types of risks can be reduced with vacant property insurance.

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When Natural Disaster Strikes, Avoid Being a Victim of Insurance Fraud with These Tips

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Now that spring is officially here, it means that warmer weather and the increased chance of strong storms, flooding, tornadoes and other natural disasters are just around the corner. Unfortunately, when you’re affected by a natural disaster, you’re often faced not only with the upheaval and damage caused by the event itself, but there’s the possibility that you’ll be targeted by unscrupulous construction and repair contractors engaged in insurance scamming during the rebuilding process. Here are some tips to help you avoid being a victim of this type of fraud:

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Congratulations Grads! Welcome to the Real World

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After years of hard work, you’ve finally received your diploma.  Soon you’ll be faced with many new and exciting life changes involving work, money, living spaces, and possessions. But with all the excitement, have you thought about insurance?

There are five basic insurance tips every new graduate should consider:

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Keep Your Home Based Business Healthy with an Insurance Check-Up

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Home-based businesses are key drivers of the U.S. economy with an estimated two-thirds of all small businesses starting (and many continuing) their operations in the home of their owners. Although having a home-based business, like Avon, Tupperware, Rodan and Fields can provide great benefits and freedom, it also brings with it additional risks, which are often underestimated by even seasoned entrepreneurs.

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